RRBC book trailer Block Party

Yes, it’s that time of year again and Rave Reviews Book Club is holding another Block Party for book trailers.


I’m pleased that the trailer for Nikki Magee (Amazon) is part of it. This is the 2nd time the trailer has been entered. Nikki likes to PARTY and there is a possible PRIZE for people who Party with her, randomly selected by RRBC. What is it?

A Paperback Copy of “Nikki Magee” (US Only) or eBook if outside US.

The Youtube Trailer link is here and one must go there, on Nikki’s Day, for a chance to WIN! Naturally, RRBC will need to know who has Partied with Nikki, so leave a comment. Also feel free to up or down vote the trailer.

The trailer is 3:42 in length because the music was composed and performed specifically for the trailer by Romeo Crow, a very talented English musician. It was a pleasure working with him.

At the top of the Blog is MISC. Inside is some of what I used in developing and writing the story, as I did it all ‘under the headphones’. Some was searching for information after the fact, checking I was not to far afield.

See you on the 19th.

I posted this on my FB page.

This is an exercise in applied logic.

From ZH we have this – http://tinyurl.com/guv27yu – and of course bankers want to pay their bills like everyone else.

“If I don’t issue more loans, then my salary isn’t enough to repay the mortgage, and car loan. It’s not difficult to issue more loans, but lets say in a years time when the loan is due, if the borrower defaults, then I wont just see a pay cut, I’ll be fired, and still be responsible for loan recovery.”

The whole system runs on debt and must expand else collapse. Two and even three job incomes, stagnant wages, and increasing burdens are not healthy. Artificially raise wages (min wage) and prices soon follow to cover. No one has really ever moved up the ladder when working at the minimum wage. Tomorrows $15 minimum will also be $16 going to ~$23 and milk will cost a buck or two more. It’s all smoke and mirrors playing on peoples fears and emotions. The market will force the ratios to what the market demands they be. Only so much debt can be serviced. Looming on the horizon are default after default. Mr. Banker, above, knows this. Banks need money, he needs his salary, and the money must come from somewhere.

The consumer always pays for everything.

It’s getting harder and harder to pay many bills in cash. Some, like water, can be local so one can pay in cash. Many require a bank account.

From ZH – http://tinyurl.com/zjgs9m5 – as to Japan…

“if the negative interest rate continues for longer or goes deeper, commercial banks may have to set negative interest rates on deposits, which would expand not only the tax on commercial banks, but also on depositors (households and companies). This could lead to a ‘silent bank run’ via a shift of deposits to cash (banknotes), which in turn damages the sound banking system by enlarging the leakage of funds from the credit creation mechanism in the banking system.”

Heard the rumblings about going ca$hless? Remember, consumers pay for everything. Buckle-up folks. The ride is only beginning, and it won’t be an event. It will be a process, lasting years if not decades.

Frigoboat on the hard (hauled out)

I’ve been a live aboard for 30+ years. That’s my resume. IN the beginning, there was ice – screw that.

I’ve used quite a few different refrigeration systems over the years. I like my cold drinks. I love ice cream. Once even had a goodly size Crosby. That sucked down the amps. Then along came Frigoboat. It’s not perfect, but damn well near enough. Reefer/freezer, and it can easily keep ice cream. My box is ~12 cu’ total. One plate in the freezer section, with spillover for reefer. Low power drain, seemingly using – call it 40-60 amps /day, depending of course. Air temp, water temp, and box insulation. The unit uses a submerged heat-exchanger, the keel-cooler, hull mounted near the compressor. All that’s required is sufficient water volume for the continuous heat exchange.

Next is the obligatory haul out. Problem is, how to use the system on the hard. Unit requires submersion in water of sufficient volume for proper cooling. Frigoboat makes an add-on, allowing air cooling and therefore one more thing to possibly go wrong which if it did, not so easily dealt with nor is air as efficient. Not as cheap as I did it either, and personally I think my system is better, far more cost effective, and easily repairable. Did it for ~30 bucks or so. I’m a boater. Do it cheap if it works well.

This is a pic of the water box. Tupperware; with a meaty edge – a lip if possible. This one, my second, has seen a few haul-outs. I’m using a boat stand to hold the box in place. The other parts used are my originals.

Tupperware frigiboat

Trick here is the seal. 3M Strip Calk (autozone, NAPA, etc); another name used is Dum-Dum. Makes a great seal. There’s also the two installed nipples. The return nipple is set as needed; at the highest point depending on how box sits against the hull. Want the box to fill as much as possible. The exchanger is now submerged. Water is kept in a bucket hung down from the rail; the needed circulatory volume. I use fresh. Bucket pictured is smaller than I prefer (6 gal), but it’s doing the job. The pump is a small submersible fish tank pump (holding up in pic). It’s not fast but quite sufficient. Can be run off the inverter. Add in some solar / wind power and one could stay on the hard with reefer indefinitely. Just check water level daily.

Pump frigiboat

I add some white vinegar to the water; cleans the exchanger.

It works like a charm, even hauled out in August. The unit has sat, working, through a hurricane running off the inverter.

whole unit frigoboat

And that’s all there is.

If you use Frigoboat and find this useful, might you give my ebook, NIKKI MAGEE, shown at top a look? A 4+ star rated novella for those quiet evenings or the upcoming passage.