Have to start somewhere

Changing over from Blogger. Not that I did much there anyway.

I’m a new author. Well, relatively new. “NIKKI MAGEE”,  a modern fairy tale, is my first. An eNovella, which came out in Oct. ’14. I published it through lulu.com and it’s available there, at Amazon (Kindle), iTunes, Kobo, B&N, and a few others who may be carrying it.

It’s been revised several times, but not for content other than a word here and there. Mostly, I was at war with the comma. That bloody things causes all sorts of problems. Many battles, and I won’t say the war’s been won either. I don’t think it ever is.

I’m thinking of changing the cover a bit. A graphic designer said, “Looks like a horror story, or perhaps a thriller.” Hmm. That it isn’t. The cover is a scene in the book, very representational of it. She’s working with it. No rush. See what she comes up with.