SJWs – What is it with these people?

Who are these – people – perhaps better to ask, what are these – people – who say it’s improper to use descriptive words like he and she, or him and her, because one might not know how someone self-identifies their gender? Who are these – people – who have taken it upon themselves to be the arbiters of right and wrong, keepers of the Social Narrative in everything from action to speech to thought? If you do not know of what I’m saying here, you have not been paying attention. For example, see here, here, here, and here. Like a rising river that threatens you, you’ll be caught unawares for lack of paying attention. “I don’t want to hear it!” you might say. “Can we watch ‘Married With Children’?”

Is it something in the water? In the food they eat? The air they breathe? What is it about them that they point and shriek, “raciss” “homophobe” “intolerant” “check your privilege”. What is it about them that if a fact or an opinion that runs counter to the narrative they espouse is stated you’re set upon, attacked in the fashion they use? They say they’re inclusive, yet exclude because – badthink, being other than narrative approved. There’s badact, doing what runs counter. Make a wrong political contribution – you’re guilty and must suffer, even so far as being “Eich”d –

After less than two weeks on the job, Brendon Eich has resigned as CEO of Mozilla Corp.

His undoing was a $1,000 donation supporting the Proposition 8 campaign in 2008, an anti-gay marriage referendum that was successfully overturned last year.”

How tolerant of the self-declared tolerant. How did such a man even become CEO? Surely not because of his ability. Corporations are never run by people of ability. They’re to be run, according to the narrative, by people who uphold the narrative. How does one recognize these people, these Social Justice Warriors? How do they operate? What are their goals?

SJWs Always Lie, Taking Down the Thought Police – a manual for protecting your life, your job, your family.





2 thoughts on “SJWs – What is it with these people?

  1. They’re social marxists, they don’t want tolerance, they want hegemony of thought, they want aesthetic diversity but not diversity of thought. To them identity matters more than facts and reason and freedom of expression. They have to hold everyone down so they can stand on them.

    It’s exactly like 1984, the middle class use the lower classes to revolt and knock down the upper class but just take their place and nothing changes. These people just want to drag others down to raise themselves up and the whole thing goes around again.


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