The invasion must stop.

From ZeroHedge

Riot Police Unleash Tear Gas, Water Cannons As Migrants Storm Hungarian Border Barriers

“Tensions between migrants fleeing Syria’s bloody civil war on their way to the German “promised land (underlining added)

Germany isn’t even the goal for many. There’s Sweden, Denmark, the British Isles, France, Italy… and of course, Canada, Australia, the United States. These people are coming from everywhere. They’re not all Syrian.

Can those countries absorb all who wish to come? Do they have the means, the physical and social infrastructure, to accommodate these migrants, in these numbers?

These migrants do not arrive in Belgium and magically, they’re Belgian. A Somali does not get off the plane in Toronto and suddenly become a first-world Canadian. These people bring with them cultures that are at odds with the culture they are entering. It’s overly watering down good Whiskey with impurities till it’s no better than rot-gut. To much, to fast. It’s the difference between keeping one’s culture intact versus being invaded, which by definition, alters one’s culture in favor of the highly modified. Problem is, the modification does not increase what built the first-world country / culture. It can’t. First cannot remain where third displaces it; waters it down beyond recognition. This is different from first teaching third. Third needs be willing to learn. That’s not necessarily a pleasant experience as history has shown.

Long time ago, the Romans, the pinacle of civilization, went north, expanding their territory. Went so far north as to reach Britain. They brought with them roads, knowledge, engineering; what was, at the time, first-world culture. They could be brutal in their teaching. That’s the way it was. They built Hadrian’s Wall, in the north of England, a defensive measure against the barbarians to the north; my ancestors. I come from a line of barbarians, way back when. They did not get the benefit of contact with first-worlders for quite some time. My ancestors didn’t leave barbarism heading into first-world civilization for a long time. Leaving barbarism can be said for the Gauls (also my ancestors) and the Franks. Building a first-world civilization takes time. Not days, weeks, or even years. It took centuries. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Before the Romans there were the Greeks. There’s been a few first-world civilizations. All have come and gone. Most all had characteristics they shared in their demise. One was the increasing mass introduction of cultures in opposition to what built them in the first place. Regression towards the lowest common denominator.

If the current first-world, what is often characterized as modern civilization, wishes to remain intact, it must stop the invasion. It must send them home. If they want to be first-world, a world they have contact with, they need to build it. That takes lots of time. They will not raise the first-world up by invading it. They will destroy it. That’s a fact, and I have history on my side in saying so.