Review: BRAVURA by Lisa Kirazian

“This story, Bravura, is five stars! – gold plated stars. Let me say, unequivocally, I despise opera. I’d rather drink bleach than listen to it. Had my kindle played the operatic pieces mentioned in this story, I would have taken a hammer to it. I do like classical though. That said, the music used, being an integral part of the storyline, in the written form here, was fabulous. This story is alive, both in characters and total presentation. Brava!

Some might say this book contains romance, a genre I’m not really fond of. I did not find it to be that way, perceiving it more akin to the dynamics of excellent soap-opera; extremely tasteful and never sloppy or lurid. At times the story slows down a bit, but not without reason. I found little to be extraneous, little without purpose.

This is the story of the Driscoll family, of main characters Kathleen and her brother Neil, from their childhood years through conservatoire, then well into their adult years. Parts of the story remind me of a film, “The Competition”, with Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving; a story about musical competition. Both Kathleen, Neil, and their friends have to navigate the competitive years, both personally and musically, at the Royal School of Music in London, before heading into their professional lives. Quite a story it is.

Five stars! Gold plated. I loved it.”