I got the idea for Nikki in December, 2011. As I needed the whole story in my mind, I didn’t write one word till August ’12 and then it was done in two weeks, at least initially. This was when the hard work began; the revising and editing. I used Lulu as the portal and Nikki came out in October of 2014. It’s had a few more editing revisions, latest and hopefully the final in July 2015.

The top section (below) are some of the links, things I listened to, used to research / develop “Nikki Magee” during the revise and edit process; make sure I wasn’t to far afield.  Search engines were my friend.        * denotes song titles used in the book.

Other songs titles used include various Reggae and Rock artists; Bob Marley, UB40, Joe Cocker, Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, and more.

Autodidacts of note include Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Noel Gallagher, Django Reinhardt, Paul Gray, and, though not musician, Russell Crowe.

The bottom section I find of interest.

Emily Bear – Bumble Bear Birthday Boogie –  Amazing talent on display.           Compilation from various ages.

Emily Bear – Diversity Medley – 47th Montreux Jazz Festival

Rhapsody in Blue – Emily Bear, age 13 

Emily Bear at Carnegie Hall 2011 (age 9)

Van Halen – Eruption Guitar Cover Tina S. (age 15?)

“Vivaldi Tribute” (Patrick Rondat) Tina S cover 

Tina S. guitar cover ( fusion of 5 best videos)

Polish drummer (age 6?)

*Clair de lune – Debussy

*Peter and the Wolf – Piano

*Loss of Love HENRY MANCINI Sunflower Theme PIANO SOLO

*Baby Elephant Walk (piano solo) Hatari soundtrack – Henry Mancini.wmv

*Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 (Arthur Rubinstein)

Mason Williams: Classical Gas (published piano solo version)

Gabriella Quevedo: Classical Gas

Edvard Grieg – Piano Concerto I. Allegro molto moderato | Arthur Rubinstein

young singer , what a voice!!!  (Bianca Ryan, age 11)

Caro Emerald – Bad Romance (Live @ HMH)