These are books I have read and recommend. All are either 4 or 5 Star reads. My standard for recommendation is simple. Did I enjoy it, or if I didn’t particularly find it my preferred type, is it story and written well enough that others might. Links are to Amazon. * I have reviewed.

SJWsAL is not your usual afternoon read. I put it at the top because that’s where it should be. Besides being entertaining, it has purpose for anyone in contact with the thought police –

Bravura“,  Lisa Kirazian*
Planet Purgatory“, Benedict Martin*
The One Enlightened“, Yvette Calleiro*
“The Adventures Of Stupid The Cat“, Bruce & Brenda Borders*
Inside Room 913“, Bruce Borders*
Trafficking“, Bill Ward*
Encryption“, Bill Ward*
Jazz Baby“, Beem Weeks*
The Irrational Atheist“, Vox Day*
Avarice Dynasty: Evasion“, Dyego Alehandro*
Beowulf“, J.R.R. Tolkien
A History of Strategy“, Martin van Crevald